THOË is a patented automatic and autonomous sampler using DGT® devices for the analysis of dissolved metal species and both inorganic and organic compounds in seawaters and freshwaters.

Fully programmable, THOË sequentially collects sample to obtain time series measurement up to several months.




                   SAMPLER FEATURES

               *  Capable of sampling 12 periods sequentially

               * Fully programmable timing periods from hours to weeks

               * Integrated temperature sensor for accurate calculation of the concentrations,

                  and inclinometer

               * Current facing DGTs by mean of a rotating axis

               * Maximum immersion depth of 1000 m

               * Structure, plate and seals made of chemically inert components

                 (PEEK, PETP, PTFE Silicon and Titanium)

               * Battery endurance of more than one year

               * Multiple deployment options available

Designed in collaboration with AEL/LEA :

DGT devices are directly provided by : 

Design in collaboration with AEL / LEA